Online Divorce Help

Divorce is never easy. A marriage is like a partnership in which two people share all their assets, their goods and even their secrets with each other. If the relationship breaks, then it can be very difficult to divide everything equally when you have spent so many years together. Sometimes, couples do reconciliation or marriage conciliation therapy to heal their marriage but this may not work . In case, both of you or one spouse in the marriage had decided to opt for a divorce, we recommend you get in touch with a lawyer immediately. If you cannot afford a lawyer, you can discuss your case with free divorce advice online forums or websites to assess your case. 

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Start with free services

Several websites offer free divorce advice. Choose region-specific websites that can offer targeted and current information regarding divorce cases.

You can try the first to understand how UK courts deal with divorce cases. This website offers information on how to approach legal aid for a contested divorce in which the division of financial assets and children is required. However, you should know that legal aid rules are different in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Make sure you choose the right website for free legal aid information.

Try private websites like This is a good website as it offers a huge range of personal information on how to deal with divorce, how to file the case, divide assets without the help of a lawyer. However, you should know that this is not a legal aid site. You will have to call their free customer service number and use the advice according to your personal judgment.

For free legal advice, you can always online legal websites. You have to write or email the website with your divorce case information and the website will email you with their information or they will post the answers online. Some websites like offer free legal advice but you should know that some services may require payment. Websites like have a great reputation as well for free legal information. Moreover, as these are international websites, they may not be familiar with the UK rules and regulations.

Paid divorce legal help online

Paid websites are a great way to get cheap legal information for divorces. Large websites like can manage simple DIY divorces for about 69. Managed divorces in which the entire divorce process is managed by a team costs more and the website offers a clean break divorce in which they also supply a consent form. The cost tends to vary from site to site but average rates are the same. You should know that not almost all these online websites deal with contested divorces. You will have to hire a lawyer to help you deal with contested divorces. Paid advice and legal help is useful but if you are facing a long and contested divorce, we recommend you hire a experienced professional to help you out.